Present Structure


Presently, the Education Secretariat has the Headquarters that oversees and coordinates the activities of the Boards and Departments under it. The headquarters has 4 departments, 2 special Divisions and 7 units that report to the Secretary for Education directly or through the Director Administration and Finance, as the case may be.

The four (4) Departments are:

i. Department of Administration and Finance
ii. Department of Quality Assurance (DQA)
iii. Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics (PPR&S)
iv. Department of Higher Education

The two (2) Special Divisions under the Department of Administration and Finance are:

i. Administration & Supply
ii. Finance and Accounts

The seven (7) units under the Secretariat Headquarters are:

i. Projects Unit
ii. Audit Unit
iii. Procurement Unit
iv. Public Relations Unit
v. Legal Unit
vi. Servicom Unit
vii. HIV/AIDS Unit

The boards and departments that implement the education policies and manage schools at all levels and types of education in the FCT are:

i. Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB)
ii. Secondary Education Board (SEB)
iii. Department for Science and Technology (DS&T)
iv. Department of Mass Education (DME)
v. Education Resource Centre (ERC)
vi. FCT Scholarship Board (SB)

The tertiary education institutions under the Education Secretariat are:

i. FCT College of Education (COE)
ii. Abuja University of Technology, Abaji, AUTA (yet to take off)

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory