Our Mandate


Prior to its creation, education in the FCT was the responsibility of the FCT Education Department. The Education Secretariat like all the other Mandate Secretariats is a self-accounting entity and is headed by a Mandate Secretary who is the equivalent of a commissioner in the States’ Ministries of Education..
The FCT Education Secretariat has the mandate of ensuring that education policies emanating from the Federal Ministry of Education are domesticated to the needs of FCT as they concern provision of access to education and effective delivery of the national school curriculum..

The mandate demands that the Secretariat contributes to the development of FCT and the country at large through the graduation of students with the requisite knowledge, skills and character.

The framework for the education system delivery derives from the National Policy on Education (2004) and other policies evolving over time through the Instrumentality of the National Council on Education (NCE). It is also guided by its own domestic policies as may be required by the FCT Minister and the Executive Council; as well as by national and global goals and objectives including the FEEDs, UBE, Education for All (EFA) , Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) , and the Vision 2020.

The Secretariat’s Vision and Mission for realizing this mandate through its boards, departments and special units are as follow:

Vision of Education Secretariat

To be a model of efficient delivery of sustainable, qualitative, functional and inclusive education that is comparable to global standard

Mission of Education Secretariat

To provide in the FCT, accessible, qualitative and relevant educational services designed to empower learners with knowledge, skills and moral values for the challenges of globalization.

The Education Secretariat Headquarters oversees and coordinates the activities of the Boards and Departments under it. These Departments and Boards are responsible for the administration and management of different levels and types of education in the FCT. The headquarters has 5 departments, 2 special divisions, 4 special units and 6 other administrative units that report to the Secretary for Education directly or through the Director Administration and Finance, as the case may be.

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory