Secretary for Education meet with the Management of Education Secretariat
Secretary for Education meet with the Management of Education Secretariat
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Saturday, 28 October 2017 14:16

The Secretary for Education held an interactive session with the Management of Education Secretariat at the Multipurpose Hall of Education Resource Centre on Wednesday 25th October, 2017.

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The Secretary for Education, Senator Isa Maina addressing Management of Education Secretariat

The session, which was held at the instance of the Secretary for Education, was meant to chart a new course for acceleration of education achievements through implementation of priority projects and programmes at the end of which a communique was issued.



The FCTA Education Secretariat Management held a one day interactive session with the new Secretary for Education at the Education Resource Centre (ERC). Participants at the session were all Directors of Education Secretariat’s Boards and Departments, with their management team. There were also two representatives of FCT Treasury who were invited to interact with Education Secretariat management in the area of budget preparation and procurement processes. The session, which was held at the instance of the Secretary for Education, was meant to chart a new course for acceleration of education achievements through implementation of priority projects and programmes. Output of the interactive session included comprehensive list of Education Secretariat Dept. profile according to Boards and Departments, as well as identification of major education challenges and priority areas for inclusion into the FCT 2018 statutory budget.

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The Ag. Director Admin & Finance, Mrs. Maimagani addressing the general house


The Secretary for Education in his remarks, which also stated the major objectives of the interactive session appreciated the attendance of all boards and departments at the meeting, which in his words, aims at building synergy and to evolve new strategies and orientation towards actualizing the mandate of the Education Secretariat. He urged participants to make their inputs, as much as possible, to the session in order to help management accelerate rate of achievement in the implementation of education programs and projects in the FCT. The Secretary for Education also expressed his eagerness to see education in the FCT regain its apparently lost glory.

While encouraging all stakeholders to be ready to make sacrifice in the face of lean financial resources of government, he urged the forum to suggest implementable strategies by thinking outside the box.

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The Representative of the Director of Treasury (DOT) making his presentation


  1. Presentation by the representative of the Director of Treasury (DOT)
  2. Formation of committee on the outstanding liabilities of all Boards and Departments.
  3. Formation of committee on prioritization of projects.
  4. Briefing by the Boards and Departments on their operations and challenges.

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Committee on Outstanding Liabilities headed by the Head of Project Unit, Engr A. K. Kamfut


The following facts emerged from all presentations from staff of Treasury, directors of education and comments from the Secretary for Education:

i. Personnel budgets should be prepared accurately to avoid extra-budgetary expenditure in future years.

ii. Transcripts on financial transactions should be submitted regularly to Treasury, and Treasury in turn should notify education departments of payments made from their accounts to enable them plan for further procurements.

iii. Boards and departments should note balances in the different sub-heads before embarking on fresh procurement processes.

iv. Budgetary balances should be quoted for all memos seeking payment of activities in the education sector.

v. Boards and departments should be proactive in the submission of financial requests.

vi. Every member of education should work hard towards regaining the positive image of education we had enjoyed in the past.

vii. Treasury should note the peculiarity of education services and the need for funds to be released in time, especially for examination activities.

viii. There is need to clear all education liabilities before the end of 2017 budget year.

ix. The education sector needs intervention funds to enable her address urgent and emerging challenges.

x. Training and retraining of teachers and other staff is imperative for effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.

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Committee on Prioritization of Project Chaired by the Ag. Director DPPR&S, Mrs. T. O. Mbonu


i.        The outstanding high number of dilapidated school facilities that need renovation/ rehabilitation.

ii.       The low level of overhead releases to major departments such as UBEB, SEB, Science & Technology etc slow down day to day management of schools.

iii.      Need to provide dining halls and kitchens in boarding senior secondary schools.

iv.      Inadequate number of security staff in our schools.

v.       Need to reposition the School for the Gifted as centre of excellence.

vi.      Need to complete the many ongoing construction works at College of Education Zuba.

vii.     Inadequate facilitators for the Mass Education Programme.

vii.     Late / inadequate release of funds for the conduct of all examinations in Education Resource Centre.

ix.      Near absence of vehicles for schools inspection and need for more effective machinery for monitoring of Private schools.

x.       Need to enhance revenue generation from private schools.

xi.      Rationalization in the allocation and use of project vehicles.

xii.     Need to complete the FCT Education Database and establish EMIS nodes at the education departments, boards and the LEAs.

xiii.    Need to complete the Scholarship Board Head office at Wuse, Zone 3.

xiv.    Need to redefine mandate of the Department of Higher Education to ensure the department is not redundant.

xv.     Reactivation of Co-curricular activities in schools (School Sports) is important.

xvi.    Need to make provision for in the budget activities for emergency responses to disaster.

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Cross section of participants at the event


At the end of the interactive session, participants made the following resolutions:

1.   All Boards and Departments should be note and comply with observation raised by Treasury staff with respect to budget preparation, being proactive in making funds requests and submission of transcripts on financial transactions.

2.   Treasury Department should be requested to revive the practice of quarterly release of budget balances to Boards and Departments to enable them quote available balances in further requests for funds in memos.

3.   All directors of education should embark on vigorous reorientation of their staff in effective and efficient service delivery to improve the negative perceptions of the Education Secretariat, in the FCT.

4.   Relevant SDAs should note the need for special concessions, by way of expedited procurement processes, for critical areas of education activities such as examination, boarding school feeding, monitoring and evaluation.

5.   Department of Policy Planning Research & Statistics to coordinate planning and hosting of a stakeholders’ Forum for improved and sustained participation of non-government actors in the provision of education resources in the FCT.

6    The personnel gap occasioned by retirement of staff in the FCT education sector should be addressed with particular attention to teaching and non-teaching staff.

7.   The Treasury should be properly briefed and requested to increase overhead releases to education boards and departments, especially those that manage schools.

8.   Mandate of Department of Higher Education (DHE) needs to be reviewed.

9.   Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics should present a memo to the Secretary for Education on the Institutionalization of Performance Management System aimed at improvement in service delivery.

10.     Education Secretariat to liaise with FCT Sports Council on the revitalization of School Sports.


The Education Secretariat Management appreciates the efforts of the Secretary for Education, Senator Isa Maina, in providing the opportunity for all Education Secretariat management to interact on pressing issues in the FCT education sector and reaching at conclusions on the way forward. We also thank the Hon. Minister for sending him to us and giving him the opportunity to make necessary changes in the business of education in the Territory. On the whole, the forum was very productive and energized staff with renewed vigor for delivery of quality education in the FCT.

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Sen. Isa Maina                                                            Mrs. Maimagani, J. A.

Secretary for Education                                              Ag: DAF

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