Koica is an agency under the Korean embassy which seeks partnership with Nigeria in order to construct a model school and install CCTV system in Abuja. This twin project is coordinated by the national Planning Commission. But two sub-committees were formed to handle each of the components of the project viz: Construction of the Model School and Installation of CCTV Systems both in Abuja. The model school is meant to accommodate pre-school children, primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school.

The sub –committee on Construction of a Model School which the membership were drawn from Education Secretariat, with Engr A. K. Kamfut as chairman, recently had a 3-day session with visiting Korean Feasibility Survey Team who needed to see for themselves the country and city where the proposed project will be sited, and also ensure that land is available for takeoff of the project.
The 3-day session consisted in meetings and visits to some international schools in Abuja such as Turkish International School Abuja, British International school Government Secondary School, garli and Model Primary school, Maitama.

In an official meeting of the team with the Secretary for Education, the Director Administration and Finance of the Education secretariat and members of the Education Sub - Committee, Mr. K.y. kim who is the leader of the delegation indicated that major objective of the project was to level up education quality especially in Science, Arts, Music and physical training for the children and to assist the Nigerian government in the achievement of Visio 20-20-20. He also emphasized that the project is meant to target intelligent poor pupils and students who need good education but may not be able to afford it. Facilities at the school will include:

i. Provision of multi-media systems, library and English Language laboratory
ii. Gymnasium for Basketball, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Taekwondo etc will be provided
iii. Swimming pool will also be made available to promote physical exercise
iv. There will be emphasis on Nature Study


At the end of the visits land space was identified but yet to be officially allocated to Education. The project is expected to take off the following year.

Just before the team took their final exit from FCTA, the Secretary for Education Mr. Kabir Usman scheduled and paid a visit to the Permanent Secretary of FCTA, Dr. Nathaniel Biodun Olorunfemi, with the Korean Team and members of the Sub-Committee. In his welcome remark the Permanent Secretary expressed appreciation on behalf of FCTA and challenged the KOICA to establish more of the schools in Abuja. Further correspondences or meetings with KOICA will be done with their representatives based at the Korean Embassy.


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