Apart from the Departments, Special Divisions and Units within the Education Secretariat Head Quarters, there are major Agencies through which the Secretariat delivers its mandate of providing accessible and qualitative education to FCT residents. These Agencies are presented as follows:

FCT Agency for Science and Technology

The Agency for Science and Technology was established by FCT EXCO at its 10th meeting held on March 15th 2005 as a unit. The unit was upgraded to a full Agency in 2008 and is headed by a pioneer Director, Hjiah Baba Ari. There are 4 Divisions at the Agency viz: Technology Acquisition and Promotion; Planning Research and Statistics; Science, Technical & Vocational Education; and Administration that work to realize the mandate of overseeing teaching and learning of Science, Technology and Vocational Education in schools in FCT and also to the development of popularization of Science and Technology in the FCT. The Agency oversees the adaptation of National Policy on Education in the area of Science, Technology and Vocational Education in the FCT and its policy thrust derives from the 7 Point Agenda to facilitate economic empowerment while reducing poverty by 75percent by 2011.

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FCT College of Education

FCT College of Education, Zuba was founded in the year 1977; the college took off on the site of the defunct Government Teachers College Zuba, which had to be upgraded to a college of education with the abrogation of the Teachers’ Grade II Colleges. Apart from the first reason, the need to train medium-level manpower for teaching in primary and junior secondary schools informed the establishment of the College. Its areas of focus were the subject areas that had a general dearth of teachers in FCT primary. The College started with 120 students in 1998 and the current enrolment is 4,562. So far a total number of 2,122 students have graduated with an NCE. There are presently 5 schools in the College viz: Arts & Social Sciences, Vocational & Technical, Languages and Science. The College is headed by a Provost as a Chief Executive and Registrar who are on tenure appointment of four years. Other members of the college management include: the Registrar, Bursar, the Librarian, Deputy Provost, and Director of Works.

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 FCT Agency for Mass Education (AME)

FCT Agency for Mass Education (AME) came into being by the FCT Regulation No. 1 of 1991 which stemmed from Decree No. 17 of 1990 that set up the National Commission for Mass Literacy Adult and Non-formal Education.  The decree directed all states in the federation and FCT to establish Agencies for Mass Education. The Agency was established with the objective of providing functional literacy to illiterate adults and youth out of the formal system in order to eradicate illiteracy in the FCT. It is headed by a Director and assisted by a Secretary. There are three professional Divisions which include PRS, Literacy, and Vocational & Continuing Education. It also has two service divisions of the administration and Finance. The Agency has six zonal offices headed by zonal coordinators in the six Area Councils of the FCT to implement its programmes at the grassroots level. Major pogrammes under the non-formal education sector are: Basic Literacy, Post Literacy, Nomadic/Ajami Education, Vocational Education, Continuing Education and Woman/Girl Child Education.

Some of the major achievements of FCT AME are as follows:

  1. The AME Continuing Education Centres have been recognized as centres for FCT JSCE.  In Gwagwalada and Karu centres.
  2. Through the intervention of United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), the curriculum of Vocational Education has been reviewed to include entrepreneurial education and skills acquisition for retired civil servants, girl-child, early school leavers and those who wish to pick additional skills for lifelong education.  In addition, institutional review of AME is being carried out to enhance quality delivery.
  3. Extra-mural classes have been opened in all the Area Councils of the FCT to provide remedial studies for non completers of secondary education, and those who wish to make up their papers.



FCT Education Resource Centre

The Education Resource Centre (ERC) is the academic wing of the of Education Secretariat of the Federal Capital Development Authority. It was established in 1984. Until the year 2002, the ERC was administratively a Division of the erstwhile Department of Education, FCDA. It however became a parastatal of the MFCT in April 2002, and is now a Department under the Education Secretariat and its headed by a Director.

The Education Resource Centre (ERC) provides efficient academic support services to all levels of the education sector in the FCT through specialized services in Curriculum Development, Library Services, Guidance and Counselling, Research, Statistics and Publications, Examinations, Admissions and Certification.  The Department also provides instructional materials to schools, with a view to improving the quality of teaching and learning. There are currently 9 divisions at the ERC viz: Curriculum Development; Planning, Research and Statistics; Library Services; Guidance and Counseling; Education and Information Technology; Measurement and Evaluation; Administration Division; Teacher Development Division and Community Education Resource Centre.

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