Special Units at the Secretariat Headquarters

i. Projects Unit:

Designs physical plans of Education facilities and supervises constructions of same in the education sector.

ii. Audit Unit:

Audit tracks and ensures compliance of all financial activities of the Secretariat.

iii. Procurement Unit:

Responsible for all procurement of goods, works and services of the Secretariat Headquarters, boards and departments, within the approved threshold.

iv. Public Relations Unit:

Coordinates all publicity activities of the Secretariat.

v. Legal Unit:

1. Handles all legal matters of the Secretariat and Agencies.

2. It is also the Secretariat of the Education Management Committee.

vi. Servicom Unit:

Takes charge of ensuring that there is effective service delivery to stakeholders & brings in the feedback for management attention.

vii. HIV/AIDS Unit:

Coordinates HIV/AIDS activities at the agencies & ensures that relevant policies are implemented on HIV/AIDS as well as on School Health.

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