Special Units at the Secretariat Headquarters
There are nine (9) special units at the Education Secretariat Headquarters and they are:

1. Audit Unit:

Audit tracks and ensures compliance of all financial activities of the Secretariat.

2. Gender Unit:

The Gender Unit of the Secretariat is the response to the challenges of achieving gender equality in education in the FCT.

It is charged with the following responsibilities:

i. Implementation of the Gender laws and policies in schools

ii. Ensuring full protection of children against abuse such as:

* Rape

* Bullying

* Sexual harasmment

* Child trafficking

* Child Marriage

* School drop out

* Homosexuality/lesbianism

* Teenage pregnancy

* Lack of access to education

* All barriers militating against girl child participation in education and

* All forms of gender based violence in FCT schools

3. Health & HIV/AIDS Unit:

Coordinates Health & HIV/AIDS activities at the agencies & ensures that relevant policies are implemented on HIV/AIDS as well as on School Health.

4. Legal Unit:

i. Handles all legal matters of the Secretariat and Agencies.

ii. It is also the Secretariat of the Education Management Committee.

5. Procurement Unit:

Responsible for all procurement of goods, works and services of the Secretariat Headquarters, boards and departments, within the approved threshold.

6. Projects Unit:

Designs physical plans of Education facilities and supervises constructions of same in the education sector.

7. Public Relations Unit:

Coordinates all publicity activities of the Secretariat.

8. Servicom Unit:

Takes charge of ensuring that there is effective service delivery to stakeholders & brings in the feedback for management attention.

9. Special Needs Education Unit:

The Special Needs Education Unit started 2006, under the Special Services Division of the Department of Policy and Implementation (DPI), now Quality Assurance Department (DQA). In 2012, the Education Executive Committee of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Abuja decided that the Special Needs Education Unit be transferred to the Education Secretariat, this was formalized in January, 2014. The Special Needs Education section comprises of the following specialized units:

i. The Visually Impaired (Blind) Unit

ii. The Hearing Impaired Unit

iii. The Physical Handicap Unit

iv. The Gifted and Talented Unit

v. Learning Disabled Unit

vi. Autism and Other Related Disabilities

The Special Needs Education Unit functions are:

i. Ensures an effective and efficient implementation of Special Education Policies and Programs articulated by the Education Regulatory Bodies

ii. Initiates and reviews periodically Policy Guidelines on the Establishment and Operations of Special Needs Institutions/Centers in the FCT-Abuja

iii. Carries out all sorts of school inspection visits

iv. Organizes and conducts capacity building workshops for teachers, school Administrators and Education Policy makers

v. Undertakes consultancy services for persons with Special Needs, their parents, school Administrators, Teachers and others.

vi. Seeks collaboration and partnership with other organizations within and outside Nigeria with the view to augment Government efforts in the Education of persons with Special Needs

vii. Coordinates and relates directly to the Education Secretariat all the activities of Special Needs education from the Educational Boards, Agencies and Departments.

viii. Attends Workshops/Seminars locally and Internationally

ix. Attends JCCE meetings to discuss issues related to the education of persons with Special Needs.

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