Department of Special Needs Education (DSNE)

Department of Special Needs Education

The Department of Special Needs Education (DSNE) started as a unit in 2007 under Special Services Division of the Department of Quality Assurance (DQA).

In January 2014, the Special Needs Education Unit was ceded to the Education Secretariat FCTA to monitor and supervise the activities of the FCT Special Needs and Inclusive Schools.

In July 2019, the Special Needs Education Unit was upgraded to a full-fledged Department of with the name Department of Special Needs Education (DSNE) and a substantive Director was appointed to man the affairs of the new Department.


To promote Special Needs Education sensitivity at all levels pursuant to FCT policy on education for all FCT residents regardless of their disabilities.


To ensure Special Needs Education sensitivity in the establishment and delivery of all forms of education programmes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

Mr. Jonah Aturu, Director Department of Special Needs Education

The mandate of the Department includes:

i. Inspections of academic activities in FCT Special Needs Schools.

ii. Holistic inspections of Special Needs Schools and Centres for accreditation.

iii. Recognition, follow-up and incidental inspections of Special Needs Schools/ centres.

iv. Verification of proliferation of Special Needs / Inclusive Schools/Centres for the purpose of ascertaining their viability and the conducive learning environment for persons with Disabilities (PWDs) as spelt out in the policy guidelines.

v. Subject the formulated minimum policy guidelines for establishment of Special Needs Schools/Centre in FCT to periodic review.

vi. Update application format for proprietors willing to establish Special Needs Institutions in FCT, in accordance with the Guidelines.

vii. Organize and conduct capacity building workshops regularly on Special Education for both public and private school personnel in the FCT (i.e. School administrators, teachers, support staff and caregivers).

viii. Hold Annual Stakeholders’ Meeting to deliberate on critical issues in the Education of Persons with Special Needs in the FCT.

ix. Conduct diagnosis and assessment of children for proper placement into school inline with their Special Needs disposition.

x. Set up a Diagnostic and Assessment Centre for learners with special needs in the FCT.

xi. Issuance of a Special Needs classification Certificate as a prerequisite for admission alongside with the Medical Certificate of Fitness.

xii. Organise workshops, conferences and seminars on Special Needs Education for improved education service delivery in the FCT.

xiii. Design a comprehensive Special Needs/ Inclusive Education Service Delivery Package for the internally Displaced Children (IDCs) in FCT.

xiv. Hold termly meetings with Special Needs Desk Officers, School Heads and critical stakeholders for the improvement of Special Needs Education in the FCT.

xv. Partner with NGOs/ International Development partners in providing support services/facilities for Special Needs / Inclusive Schools in FCT.

xvi. Organise Special Needs Education Expo Day to mark the UN International Day for persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and to promote talents and creativity for these categories of learners in the FCT.

xvii. Regularly update ICT, sign language and Braille literacy for staff of Department of special Needs Education.

xviii. Conduct annual community advocacy and sensitization on the rights of Special Needs learners to quality education in the FCT.

xix. Undertake annual update of data of special Needs learners in the FCT.

xx. Conduct Research into critical areas of Special Needs Education Service delivery in the FCT.

xxi. Publish Annual Special Needs Education Magazine for the FCT populace.

xxii. Carry out any other assignment as may be deemed necessary by the FCT Education Secretariat.

Department of Special Needs Education (DSNE) Organogram

Past and Present Directors of DSNE


Dr. (Mrs.) Francisca Eneh

Director DSNE
4th July to 3rd Dec., 2019

Mr. Jonah Aturu

Director DSNE
Dec. 2019 to Date

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory