Department of Quality Assurance (DQA)

Department of Quality Assurance

This department was formally known as the Department of Policy and Implementation, its status was changed in accordance with the new quality assurance model in Education. The DQA has the following functions:

i. Undertakes quality assurance functions including the specification and enforcement of minimum standards, as it relates to schools below the tertiary level;
ii. It is responsible for the inspection, supervision, accreditation of both public and private schools.
iii. It oversees mentoring of teachers and students.
iv. It is one of the operational outfits at the headquarters with the status of a department

Salihu O. Yahaya, Ag. Director Department of Quality Assurance

The Department has a two tier structure viz; Headquarters and Zonal offices. The Headquarters has two professional Divisions i.e. Inspectorate Services Division and Registration and Accreditation Division. There are seven zonal offices covering the six Area Councils, one for each area council, except for AMAC with two.

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory