Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics (DPPR&S)

Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics

The Department of Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics started as the Educational Planning & Management Information System (EPMIS) Division in 2008. In 2014, the Hon. Minister approved its upgrade to fully fledged Department of Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics (DPPR&S).


Be a model think-tank that ensures effectiveness and efficiency in the Secretariat’s efforts to realize its vision of providing accessible quality and functional education at all levels, for residents of the FCT.


Support institutional effectiveness and efficiency in education service delivery through ensuring availability of sector level plans informed by ICT driven EMIS and research, as well as collaboration with other national and international stakeholders for improved resourcing.

Dr. Mohammed Sani Ladan, Director Department Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics

The Department is the second operational outfit at the Secretariat and performs the following functions:

i. It is the think-tank of the Secretariat in terms of providing information required for daily decision making, policy planning and general management of education in the FCT.

ii. Serves as the desk for the Secretariat’s participation in national education policy meetings such as the Joint Consultative Committee on Education (JCCE), and the National Council on Education (NCE). It also coordinates the development and domestication of FCT specific education policies.

iii. It is responsible for collating Education Secretariat’s input to all ministerial platform presentations and reports on yearly education Score Card.

iv. Responsible for coordination of Sector Level Strategic and Operational plans.

v. Ensure that education data & information from all subsectors of education, for public & private sectors, in respect of pupils, students, learners, institutions, facilities & resources are collected by the Department, analyzed & reported.

vi. Co-ordinates activities of EFA, SDG as well as Partnership in Education, including International Development partners

Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics (DPPR&S) Organogram

Past and Present Directors of DPPR&S


Mrs. Mbonu Theresa Obiageli

Pioneer Director DPPR&S
2015 to October, 2018

Alhaji Isa Adamu Paiko

Ag. Director DPPR&S
Oct. 2018 to April, 2019

Dr. Idakwoji Sunday Bene

Ag. Director DPPR&S
April, 2019 to May, 2019

Dr. Mohammed Sani Ladan

Director DPPR&S
May, 2019 to Date

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory