Education Secretariat Headquarters
The Education Secretariat like all the other Mandate Secretariats is a self-accounting entity and is headed by a Secretary who is the equivalent of a commissioner in the states’ hierarchy of governance.

Malam Leramoh Abdulrazaq, Ag. Secretary for Education/DAF
The Education Secretariat Headquarters oversees and coordinates the activities of the Boards and Departments under it. These Departments and Boards are responsible for the administration and management of different levels and types of education in the FCT.

The Headquarters presently has 5 departments, 2 special Divisions and 8 units that report to the Secretary for Education directly or through the Director Administration and Finance, as the case may be.

The four (5) departments are:

1. Department of Administration and Finance

2. Department of Policy, Planning, Research & Statistics

3. Department of Quality Assurance

4. Department of Higher Education

5. Department of Special Needs Education

The two (2) special divisions are:

1. Administration & Supplies Division

2. Finance and Accounts Division

The nine (8) units at the Education Secretariat Headquarters are:

1. Audit Unit

2. Gender Unit

3. HIV/AIDS Unit

4. Legal Unit

5. Procurement Unit

6. Projects Unit

7. Public Relations Unit

8. Servicom Unit

Organizational Structure of the Education Secretariat image

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory