FCT Department of Science and Technology (DST)
This Department was established in 2009 by the FCT Executive Committee, through the upgrading of the Science and Technology Unit of the Secretariat. The department promotes and fosters activities of science and technology in the FCT education sector and beyond, including technology incubation and capacity development for youths’ empowerment programmes. It manages some specialized science and technical schools. It also manages the International Technology and Vocational Institute (ITVI) at Utako.


To make FCT a role model in the use of knowledge, principles, tools, tips and techniques of science and technology in raising the socio-economic status of FCT citizens to enviable height.


To employ Science and Technology in all socio-economic activities towards improving the quality of life of the FCT citizens and transforming FCT through strategic and coordinated utilization of available resources into a developed, industrialized modern territory

Mrs. Ibrahim Christiana O., Ag. Director, Department of Science & Technology

Providing Quality Education for Residents of the Federal Capital Territory